5 | Baby got (feed)back

‘Feedback’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot in professional spaces, but rarely does it come with a user manual on how the heck to do it right. Do you know how to give feedback in an actionable and thoughtful way? Have you learned how to receive feedback without taking it personally? Gillian and Jasmine talk through their strengths and weaknesses in the feedback arena and give helpful tips on how to take no shit and do no harm.

4 | Thank you for being a (work) friend

Friendships in the workplace sometimes feel like the Wild West. What happens when your friends become your coworkers? What if a coworker becomes a friend, but then you have to cut the friendship?! Jasmine and Gillian discuss the pros and cons of getting up close and personal with folks at work, and what the Summer Camp Effect tells us about how to proceed in these relationships.